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Overseas Liver trasnplant

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Overseas Kidney Transplant

International Medical Tourism

Japan Anbis International Co. Ltd.  (JAIMSC: Japan Anbis International Medical Support Centre), a Tokyo based company, offers state of the art medical treatment to patients from all over the world suffering from various incurable diseases.

Especially for cancer, we bring Japan’s cutting-edge medical treatment to patients from all over the world.  Japan is believed to have one of the most technologically advanced medical care. Japan is a leader in medical innovation. The results can be seen in the longest life expectancy in the world. We make the best use of on-site medical check-ups, and Japan's best medical institutions.  We welcome patients with a system of total support.  Contact us if you need it Anytime.

JAIMSC: A Medical Tourism Company

Leave the rest to us.

JAIMSC Assist offers people access to High Quality International Medical Tourism: travel for medical treatment to get immediate access to affordable surgery in Japan and other countries delivered with quality that equals or surpasses what you can find at your home country.  

  • We offer a complete package of wellness journey for patients looking for high class medical facilities at affordable rates, in Japan and other partner countries.

  • The state of the art hospitals and expert medical practitioners ensure quick and efficient service.

  • We arrange consultations with doctors and assist in planning the treatment process.

  • Coordinate all appointments online so that there is no waiting time for patients. Fix appointments and schedule your travel.

  • We take care of stay arrangements (pre and post hospitalization) for our patients and for your family and friends as well.

  • Ensure successful and safe recovery of patients by providing world class health care.

  • All procedures for visiting international patients have been simplified so that you have a hassle-free treatment process.

JAIMSC update and renew Web site



JAIMSC Signs Agreement with Fortis Hospital Group India for alliance about medical tourism. 


Overseas living donor non family Kidney trasnplant

JAIMSC signs Agreement with RSCM Jakarta, Indonesia for alliance about medical tourism.


Overseas living donor non family Kidney trasnplant

Overseas living donor non family Kidney trasnplant

Overseas living donor non family Kidney trasnplant

Overseas living donor non family Kidney trasnplant

Overseas living donor non family Kidney trasnplant



Tkanawa2131 Room5

2-13-1 Takanawa, Minato-ku, TOKYO 108-0074 JAPAN 




Overseas kidney trasnplant



TEL: +81 50 5372 1441

FAX: +81 3 6890 8301






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Overseas kidney trasnplant

Overseas kidney trasnplant

Overseas kidney trasnplant