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About Japan Anbis International Co. Ltd.



Japan Anbis International Medical & Health Tourism Center (JAIMSC) was established to bridge the gap between the excellent medical care that we have in Japan and foreign patients having a difficult time coming to Japan, due to the problems of language barrier, visas etc to name a few. Up to now there was not much information in other countries regarding medical treatment in Japan, and there have surely been many patients overseas who were concerned about what kind of medical examinations and medical treatment were available in Japan or what kind of medical care they should receive in Japan.

It is our dream to make quality healthcare available to people worldwide. Our endeavor is to provide multiple specialties under one umbrella. The ultimate goal is to provide patient satisfaction. The collaborative treatment plan ensures quality service and the fixed packages for a lot of treatments make the patient comfortable. In Japan we have one of the most experienced and qualified physicians in the world that are experts in their medical specialties.


We collaborate with medical institutions in Japan and in addition to providing support in multiple languages, such as inquiries from patients and the support during their stay from the time they enter the facility to the time they check out, we developed services so that foreigners can smoothly and safely travel for medical care by freely using travel services through our overseas network and the medical visa support.

By providing added value service to foreign patients who come to Japan for the purpose of medical treatment, we aim to address medical care issues and enhanced health for foreign patients in Japan.

We are committed to providing global benchmarked health care services at affordable prices.

The aim is to provide healthcare on a large scale at prices that can be afforded by everyone. The core values of our services include:

  • Efficiency and innovation

  • Accessible and compassionate care

  • Accountability

  • Respect the dignity of every patient

  • Add sustainable value to all stakeholders

Hiroyuki Nagase

Japan Anbis International Co., Ltd. 


Campany Name: Japan Anbis International Co., Ltd.


Address:No.5 Takanawa2131 bldg ,  

                2-13-1 Takanawa, Minato-ku, Tokyo 108-0074 Japan



TEL: 050-5372-1441

     From Outside Japan 



Company Founded: March 2011

Representative:  CEO Hiroyuki Nagase


Branch Offices

        Indonesia: PT. Japan Anbis International  Jakarta, Indonesia

        Vietnam: Japan Anbis International Co., Ltd. Hanoi Branch Office


Japan Anbis Business Office

Our Business

  • We have a vast experience of serving over 600 patients from various countries. We successfully treated over 250 patients for Spinal cord injuries, and more than 350 patients for organ transplants.

  • "JAIMSC" is one of the most trusted and highlighted company in Japan having expertise in providing best Stem Cell Services (for Blood disorders) in top most hospital of Japan for all major degenerative diseases. Our company is providing advanced medical treatment in Japan which applies in case of all other medical treatment fail to cure non-treatable diseases. We provide our services through some medical devices such as bone marrow aspiration concentrate (BMAC) kit, platelet rich plasma (PRP) kit, stem cell banking and stem cells services (isolated from bone marrow, placenta and adipose) for research/clinical trial purpose only. We are providing advanced medical treatment in Japan where all other medical treatment fails then this stem cell treatment applies to cure such non-treatable diseases. 

  • Consulting services related to medical management

  • Consulting services related to medical certification

  • Health food and cosmetics export and sales business

  • Overseas business surveys, etc.

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